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Appliances Included in Mississauga Home Worth the Price?

April 9, 2013

The Appliances Are Included in the Mississauga Home for Sale but Is It Worth the Price?

You have seen a new Mississauga home for sale and the appliances are included in the price. As a first-time buyer just heading out of the renter’s market, you may not have any appliances to your name and the idea of buying a home that includes the appliances seems like it would be worth the convenience. In most cases it will be, but it at other times the price may be inflated due to their inclusion.


Do some quick price shopping

As a renter you may not be aware of the incredible price differences between appliances. A refrigerator, for example, can run from $1000 for a new simple model all the way up to $5000 or more for one that has advanced features. If you end up paying $5000 extra on a home with a fancy appliance that you don't really want or need, the cost of this convenience may not be worth it. At other times the appliances are just absorbed into the price because the seller really doesn't have any use for them anymore and doesn't want to be bothered getting rid of them himself.


Negotiate on the price of the appliances

If the appliances are included in the price you may be able to negotiate on them especially if you don't really want a certain appliances that is being offered with the house. In many cases appliances can be a very negotiable topic in the listing price since many homeowners do not want to carry their appliances over to their next home.


If the buyer is downsizing, for example, the fridge, stove, washer, dryer and dishwasher may be too big and cumbersome for their new place. If they are moving into a bigger home they may be looking for larger appliances or something that will fit better into the kitchen decor of the house.


If you don't want the appliances at all...

Find out what the price of the home would be if they are not included. Sometimes the price will lower quite a bit and at other times it may stay about the same because the seller really doesn't want to be bothered offloading them himself. If there really isn't a big price change and the appliances are still in reasonable condition, you may want to take the home and try to sell the appliances once you're settled. You may end up earning $1000 or more on the sale that you'll be able to add right back into your pocket.


If you're not aware of the cost of appliances before doing your home shopping, take a quick glance at the prices on them first. Just open up a couple of popular furniture websites and see for yourself just how much they can cost. This way you'll be able to know for sure whether you're getting a good deal on a Mississauga home with appliances included or not.

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