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Luxury Homes For Sale in Mississauga : Real Estate Over $1Million Dollars

Listings For Sale in Mississauga

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Mississauga, $2,289,000
Beds: 3 + 2, Baths: 3
Lakeshore/Meadow Wood RdResidential HomeApprox 3000-3500 sq ftLot: 98.39 x 216.73 FeetTaxes (2018) : $ 10,800
Mississauga, $2,279,000
Beds: 4 + 1, Baths: 5
Meadow Wood / Bob-O-LinkResidential HomeApprox 3000-3500 sq ftLot: 100.00 x 182.06 FeetTaxes (2019) : $ 11,192
Mississauga, $2,278,000
Beds: 4 + 1, Baths: 5
Mineola West And WoodlandResidential HomeApprox 3000-3500 sq ftLot: 50.00 x 150.00 FeetTaxes (2019) : $ 12,591
Mississauga, $2,249,850
Beds: 3 + 1, Baths: 3
Glenburnie/Indian ValleyResidential HomeLot: 90.00 x 175.00 FeetTaxes (2019) : $ 10,519
Mississauga, $2,199,000
Beds: 4 + 3, Baths: 5
Hwy 10 & FairviewResidential HomeApprox 3500-5000 sq ftLot: 50.00 x 174.00 FeetTaxes (2018) : $ 12,098
Mississauga, $2,195,000
Beds: 5 + 1, Baths: 5
Erin Mills & Lincoln Green WayResidential HomeApprox 3500-5000 sq ftLot: 82.34 x 110.18 FeetTaxes (2019) : $ 4,611
Mississauga, $2,180,888
Beds: 3 + 2, Baths: 3
Mineola Rd W & StavebankResidential HomeLot: 83.67 x 210.17 FeetTaxes (2018) : $ 12,035
Mississauga, $2,150,000
Beds: 4 + 1, Baths: 5
Mississauga Rd/BurnhamthorpeResidential HomeApprox 3500-5000 sq ftLot: 99.48 x 133.63 FeetTaxes (2018) : $ 12,822
Mississauga, $2,149,000
Beds: 4, Baths: 4
Mississauga Rd & Erin CentreResidential HomeApprox 3500-5000 sq ftLot: 56.96 x 103.94 FeetTaxes (2019) : $ 3,814
Mississauga, $2,149,000
Beds: 3 + 1, Baths: 4
Indian Rd & WoodedenResidential HomeApprox 2500-3000 sq ftLot: 102.07 x 120.21 FeetTaxes (2019) : $ 7,978

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Luxury Homes in Mississauga


Home is the place where you could be yourself. Every family needs to have their own shelter and your dream would be to have a large, spacious, home with the best environment. It is even better to have your dream home at Mississauga as it lies at the shore of Lake Ontario. You could do research online to have a good idea of the real estate agents, values and the kinds of luxury houses for sale in Mississauga. You have the option of buying your property either by yourself or through the realtor. If you go through a realtor to buy Mississauga luxury homes for sale, then you will be provided information regarding the property you may not have otherwise known, and give you experienced advice to make a right decision. If you ever want to sell your home, then the realtor would guide on what is best for you. If the buyer is ready to get your property then the realtor must share this information with you. You may have to explain the reason for which you are selling your property. You have to set the correct price for your property. You need not worry about this. Your Realtor will determine the value of your property based on various things and then fix the right price. You can even know the proper mortgage value for your property through the online mortgage calculators. You can get Mississauga luxury homes for sale from the community you desire. The communities at Mississauga include Lakeview, Crooksville, Erindale, Erin mills, and the desirable Churchill Meadows, to name a few. How will you know a good house when you see it? What if you buy a luxurious home and can't sell the one you own? How can you make sure you are making a good investment? What if you think you paid too much and home prices drop?

After years of hefty home-price appreciations, it's natural to wonder how long the good times will last. Luxury real estate markets are cyclical: prices go up and they go down. However, over the long term in this country, prices have tended to move higher. At the end of the 1970s, after a big run up in luxury home prices, real estate agents had a hard time believing that prices could go any higher. The market did cool in the early 1980s. But today luxury home prices are much higher than they were in the early 80’s.

HOUSE HUNTING TIP: To protect yourself when you buy a luxury home, adopt a long-range horizon. Don't buy unless you plan to hold the property for at least 5-10 years. This way you can ride out any downturns in the market and sell when the market improves. Try to avoid getting into a situation where you are forced to sell in a down market. If you have any questions about how long you'll be staying in the area, postpone your buying plans until there's more certainty in your life to buy a house for sale in Mississauga.

For the buy and hold strategy to work you need to make sure that the luxury home you buy will suit your long-term needs. This usually means: don't buy a luxury home that's too small. Many first-time buyers make the mistake of buying a tiny starter home because it's charming and it's in the right neighborhood. But, two bedrooms, one bath and a postage-stamp lot doesn't leave much room for growth.


Looking for Luxury Homes in Mississauga?

Do you have any specific size and requirement in mind for your home? If you can specify these details, then you could get MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that too based on the criteria you need. You could specify your own conditions such as the number of bedrooms, parking area, desired price range and so on. You can get these through many real estate websites that provide service online. If you want to invest in the properties, then luxury Mississauga homes for sale might give a boost to your idea. Mississauga might be the best place to live as it has safer community, and peaceful environment. In addition to the luxury homes Mississauga for sale, other attractions also have been added to the city making it the most likable place for the new citizens. Mississauga would make you feel safe and has many attractions that keep visitors coming on and on. They include the museum, restaurants, and shopping malls such as Square one Shopping center, the City Hall, the Central Library and other sport centers. If you want to settle down with your family, then Mississauga Luxury Homes can be your right choice as it is one of the prosperous and cultured cities.

A better strategy to consider might be to buy on the outskirts of a prime neighborhood where you can buy a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home for the approximately the same price. You might not have the most luxurious location today, but you could experience good appreciation, which will finance your trade-up move. And, you'll be comfortable in the mean time.

Some floor plans are better than others. Ideally, there should be good flow between the rooms. A luxury homes in Mississauga with a central hall that leads to many rooms usually is easier to live in, and often times more saleable when the time comes to sell. Considering central hall layouts rather than layouts that ramble; where you have to pass through rooms to reach other rooms. A luxury home in Mississauga with indoor-outdoor living space makes a big difference. A deck or patio off the kitchen, family room or separate dining room provides additional usable space and makes the home feel larger.

Some buyers put off their luxury home buying plans for fear that the real estate market will fall. This seemingly sane strategy can be risky if prices don't drop. You could be kicking yourself next year when you haven't bought and luxury home prices are further out of reach.

THE CLOSING: Remember, there is usually no need to rush to buy in a market that's loaded with inventory, particularly if new housing developments are in the works near the luxury home you are planning to buy. An over-supply of housing relative to buyer demand (supply and demand theory) puts a downward pressure on luxury home prices in Mississauga.

For more information on Home Buying or Selling Tips, Please contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

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